Let�s obtain your application up in application marketplaces at no cost. All you'll need to complete is simply register on the website and make points.

The best way to get factors?

� Sign up within the internet site. App review exchange � Down load other users� apps by getting into website from Cellular devices

� Report the image you took in the comment part by returning for the topic you downloaded the application

� one stage will probably be presented for you after your remark is reviewed

one Position = one Credit score

one Credit score = 1 Comment to the application

Site Functions

� You'll be able to very easily get details with person welcoming interface..

� 1 Person can promote as much as 2 programs (Cost-free Package deal)

� Precisely the same application�s concept cannot be opened second time.

� The concept of Consumers who have 0 or less factors are not exhibited by other consumers.

� The applicaiton�s matters and responses which you opened, are to start with reviewed by moderators and authorized topics/comments are revealed

� Your score has to be 1 or above in order to see your subject areas.

� Users' rating historical past could be considered. (If you comment, you receive one position credit history, should you have a remark you receive 1 point)

� 10 reward gifts are offered to one people who download and comment most in every single 7 days on Sundays.

� Person notifications are lively (Once you open the topic, you may not be able to have a comment quickly so you may have still left the site. App review exchange Once you receive a remark, we're going to automatically notify you by electronic mail. Also, if you are logged in to the internet site once again, the announcement website page will be opened. Extra characteristics are offered, this kind of as those that enter the profile and comment on the application. You can cover these characteristics in the account web page)

� Fake and improperly commented folks are taken out through the web site.

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